Christmas – from just one side…


Despite Christmas being a religious festival, it still seems that everyone is more interested in the presents under the tree and trying to out do one another in competition for the biggest, brashest and most ridiculous present ever. Thankfully, this year I went back to basics and had a Christmas that was based around love, friendship and laughter… lots of laughter!

2014 has been a difficult year with my hearing problems, the operation, the ongoing attempts to have some form of aftercare from the hospital and consultants and then the more personal family problems – that I have not discussed here, or on any other form of social media as I don’t think this is the place to air your ‘Jeremy Kyle’ laundry.

Thanks to my wonderful group of friends I have managed to feel blessed this Christmas and for once have not had to worry about competing with anyone else, not had to concern myself as to whether I was going to be the only single at the table, or the only one who took a second helping of Christmas pud. I haven’t had to worry about not being able to hear everything that was said, with people taking their time to make sure I was ok and that I wasn’t in too much pain, or feeling isolated.

This Christmas has been the best that I can remember for a long time, despite the inner sadness – so God bless to all my readers and fellow bloggers. I hope that yours was full of the true spirit of Christmas and love as well.

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