Dumb and Dumber To


Having memories which I am sure were funny ones of the first film, I, like many others I am sure was looking forward to the much anticipated follow up – after all the trailer had been somewhat hilarious.

Unfortunately, that trailer showed most, if not all, of the funny parts of the film. Sure there were some gross out moments – which did cause my cinema buddy to gag on – but the majority of the film was spent wondering how long it would be until the next slight laugh out loud moment (I think I counted 4).

Of course, we all knew it was starting with a wind up, but I seriously felt that the whole thing was a wind up for the viewers moving towards some moment that may lead to some sense of reason for bringing back the two dumbest and now possibly unfunniest characters, with a selection of very out of date jokes (and slapstick) to grace our screens for  quite some time.

The cinema was pretty empty for a much loved and anticipated follow up – a feeling that was matched by the empty feeling I had when it was over.


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