The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death


The highly anticipated Woman in Black 2, promising an Angel of Death, revisiting the original Eel Marsh House which she had never left was screened to the fullest cinema I have seen for a while. Unfortunately, a lot of the audience were squealing teenagers, who clearly hadn’t had their age checked to make sure they were 15 or were just there to ‘make out’ in the dark with their latest New Year conquests.

It starts on a London train station, not dissimilar to the one where the previous film ended – a collection of orphans and young children were being sent to the country’s most secluded empty house for safety during World War II along with their Headteacher and a young classroom teacher. I never understood the link or relationship between either female and their young charges, particularly the one between young Miss Eve and Edward.

When they first reach their destination they are immediately informed that they are not safe in the country – they could still be bombed – providing little reason for the expedition in the first place. On the first night in the strange empty and frankly dilapidated building no one wants to sleep except for the Headteacher. Eve decides on hearing strange noises to go on a midnight hunt around the house, as you do!

A few jumps (and a lot of squeals from the teenage audience) later and we have a budding romance blossoming between the young teacher and mysteriously young pilot that she meets on the original train journey – this romance does not seem to have any clear purpose and if anyone can explain it to me that would be fantastic.

Like many recent horror movies the last ten minutes or so should be removed, it seems as if once again the writer has lost their way and added in some irrelevant, banal and frankly bizarre episode  just to make it last around the 1 hour 30 mins needed for the average horror. I am starting to think that I should try and pen some ending suggestions for the next horror film batch to just tag on…

The ending left me confused and disappointed. There was no clear link to film 1 and certainly not to the original story, or play. There was no explanation as to why the woman in black was back and having some random crazy blind man making suggestions of ‘she got them all…’ whilst locked away in an even more deserted house was just weird.

The original Woman in Black film was disappointing to a die hard fan like myself and this one just made me hope that there won’t be anymore – although the ending made it clear that there is writer potential for something bringing it nearer to the modern day. So watch out if you have any bad dreams about children, old fashioned creepy toys, or women wearing black net curtains….



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