A Story of Silence for All Hallows Weekend


The darkness closed in around her. Enveloping her. It wasn’t a comforting, warming feel – it made her shiver right through to her soul. It was so dark that she could almost hear it; echoing as it surrounded her, taunted her. Yet, it was silent. A silence that had no reason. A silence that created a darkness all of its own.

She put one hand out in front of her. Groping. Grabbing. Grasping. There was nothing. Only the darkness, never ending darkness. A darkness leading her along the alleyway to Hell before hitting her with the heat and the light of the furnace.

Aware of the power of the mind, she tried to focus. Focus on the possibility that this was not a journey to Hell but one that would take her away from whatever was following her. A journey that would enlighten her and lead her towards the Light. Each step taken was one step away from her past and one step nearer her future. She took little steps at first. Little, tentative steps.

One…two…three… The silence… the Darkness… It was all consuming, almost sucking the energy, the life from her body.

She felt something brush against her. Gentle. Soft. She wanted to scream but as she opened her mouth nothing came out. A scream of silence! How could anyone come and help her when they couldn’t see her? Couldn’t hear her? A silent wind played with her hair. Moving it. Teasing it…four…five…Could she make it to ten?

She pulled her jacket tight as once again she felt that icy cold shiver, shaking her right through to her soul. The darkness felt thick, like she would need to battle to get through it. Pushing, shoving, ramming her way forward. Her steps were becoming strides…six…seven…the ground beneath her felt as though it could collapse. It was like the security of the wooden twigs and branches she stepped on could snap at any moment, resulting in a freefall though the ground beneath her – taking her into another world, a depth that no one should face.

And yet, the silence and the darkness of her journey continued.

She felt her breath getting stronger, could see its outline like a cloud forming from her mouth. As she breathed in, she could taste something. It was sweet and yet… it had a distinctly bitter aftertaste that was left in her mouth. She wanted to spit it out, emit it from her as soon as possible but, it wouldn’t leave. The taste…eight…nine…

The sense of something coming from behind her, above her, surrounding her. Tiny waves of air everywhere. It was like a silent flapping wind. She felt a sharpness touch her. A tiny sharp poke. And another. And another. Something was moving in. Covering her. The darkness seemed to become even darker as she felt a trickle down her face. She wiped it away. The stench, was starting to seep into her pores. It was consuming her. Moving itself into her, like some sort of possession – controlling her very being. She started to gag from the bitterness of the dark, the smell of blood, the pain…ten…


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