Whispering Sweet Nothings.


She had never been one for sweet nothings being whispered in her ear and now she couldn’t even hear them – so even more reason for hating them and the sentiment with which they were given. She had never felt that primeval urge to be with someone. Truly be with them. Forever. She had never felt that pull, that tug towards someone, a yearning for their arms around her – until she met him.

Suddenly, she felt different. She smiled. She felt strange tingling butterflies, fluttering in her stomach, constantly. From that first moment when he walked in the room, as she turned her head, their eyes caught and they both smiled. It was as though they both knew. Knew that they had been waiting for this moment and yet, she felt as though in that smile she knew him. Had always known him. This moment had been planned. Written in the stars. Fate.

She moved towards him and took in everything about him. Again she smiled. They had not even spoken and yet, she felt as though she had known him forever. They didn’t need to speak – each knew what the other’s thoughts were. They knew that they would have the ability to be able to call to one another, at any time, and be heard. They didn’t need to speak as they already knew what the other would say, feel, want.

Their dreams would be shared – their ambition mutual – their love… well, that would be consistent, forever, no matter what.

He pulled her into his arms. Their bodies touched. She took a sharp intake of breath. His masculinity was surrounding her, warming her. She wanted to stay there forever. Never have to move. She turned her head up to his. He was looking down at her. His eyes were dark and yet warm, she felt as though she could melt into them, drown in them; she wouldn’t want to save herself, she could just disappear into him. That pull of yearning was there, she wanted to be with him – be part of him. She already knew – he was the only one that would make her feel like this.

As their lips met she felt a shiver go through her body. She trembled as though she was staring in a cheesy Mills and Boon special. She felt a weakness combined with the most amazing strength take over her body. It was as though she was experiencing everything she had ever felt, seen, touched in her whole life at once. Her eyelids quivered, as she felt the tears begin to form behind them. It was so beautiful, so unique, that she wanted to cry. She knew he felt the same.

She opened her eyes, and through their glistening dew, she could see that he had opened his – the reflection that she saw of herself suggested that she was beautiful. She was needed.

Soulmate: someone you have never met and when you do there is an instant affinity for one another; compatibility; best friend; lover.



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