Happy New Ear…


So, welcome to 2015.

New Year’s Eve is always a time to reflect on what has gone by and what is yet to come. Last year instead of making New Year resolutions, my friends and I wrote out cards of what we wanted to achieve by the end of 2014… we read them out at our New Year Eve’s celebrations this year. Mine included to start to write a book (well, I am now blogging and have been sharing some of my short stories), to get rid of the clutter (clothes, junk, people), to lose a stone in weight (don’t we all say that lol, I reckon I have put at least one on!), actually go to the gym that I have joined and the hilarity of performing stand up comedy…

This year I have yet to decide as to what I should put down as resolutions, instead I have decided to set myself goals for the year ahead:

1) Keep on blogging, develop my facebook page to get more followers   http://www.facebook.com/defyingdeafdistractions

2) Develop one of my short stories into a book plan, if not write the whole thing

3) Get enviously fit and healthy – or just lose some weight and keep up with the aqua and Pilates, so I can run to the pub without getting out of breath and frankly rather sweaty (deodorant prevents the smelly element I find)

4) Start to ask the universe for help when I feel I need it – love life might need a kick start (it has been a long while!)

5) Become more open to my spirituality and possibility of mediumship development – something I started last year after I was told I was profoundly deaf in my right ear, could be a way of developing opportunities for hearing in other ways and forms

6) Keep it real within work, friendships and expectations of myself

These goals alone could prove interesting blogging as the year goes on…

Let’s hope 2015 is a good one – Happy New Ear to you all!



Challenges? What challenges?


This week I haven’t been feeling all that great to be honest.

It’s been a combination of pain, tiredness and just feeling pretty low.

As a rule, I try not to let this ‘negativity’ affect me but for some reason the last couple of days it seems that my usual strong armour has chinked a little and allowed some of the ‘yuk’ to get in. I’m taking anti-inflammatory tabs and pain killers like they are going out of fashion and yet the pain is still there. I am constantly feeling in a state of mouth wide open yawn – not the most attractive of looks – no wonder its still the single status box ticked. And, I’m sure it’s the effect of those pesky clocks going back and causing the never ending dark days and nights, that is contributing towards my negative and feeling low persona.


Weekends should be a time for re-charging batteries and the sound of echoing laughter vibrating around your head so much so that you get a headache from even thinking about a smirk becoming a giggle, and then the giggle becoming a full on belly huting laugh.  I am hoping that the next week will start to see a new improved me, so that this in-the-head-laughter will start to echo once more. I can’t always hear the joke nowadays, so a pretend laugh, or haha, at what I believe to be the punchline is becoming more of the norm – I just hope that the laugh isn’t on me for my poor timing of a giggle.

I am planning a new regime, brighter lights, actual visits to the gym (not just putting the gear in the boot) and a whole new healthy diet – fruit and veg. I am hoping that this new approach will help me start to feel more positive about the inside and outside of me.


The plan is to lose a stone by Christmas – I have noticed that the weight has crept on this year, thanks to medication and doctors constantly telling me not to go to the gym due to my balance and low blood pressure issues. I also want to set myself a fitness challenge, like an impossible walk or climb, or even (the who know me will recognise the horror in this) a run – a half marathon. I will keep you updated with the task… and hopefully, results.

So, here’s to a more positive, slimmer, fitter, more challenging me! Why should a little thing like deafness and pain stop me?